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Filastrocca di Natale (Christmas nursery rhyme)

November 30, 2007

We publish an Italian Christmas nursery rhyme



La notte di Natale
è nato un bel bambino,
bianco, rosso
e tutto ricciolino.
La neve cadeva
cadeva giù dal cielo,
Maria col suo velo
copriva Gesù
Maria lavava
Giuseppe stendeva
il Bimbo piangeva
“Sta zitto mio figlio
che adesso ti piglio
del latte ti do ;
ma pane non ho!
La neve cadeva ,
cadeva giù dal cielo
Maria col suo velo
copriva Gesù

The title is “At midnight” and it speaks about the Christmas night (la notte di Natale) and the Child’s birth. It was very cold, it was snowy (la neve cadeva, cadeva giù dal cielo).
The Infant Jesus was crying because he was cold and Mary tried to wrap him in her veil (Maria col suo velo copriva Gesù); she gave him milk (del latte ti do) ; Mary and Joseph had no bread (ma pane non ho). the snow was continuing to fall down …
Class 2C Scuola “Vivaldi” Alessandria


A postcard from Alessandria in Italy

November 30, 2007

santa.jpgHi everybody!
Here is our first postcard but we are preparing something else for you.
A big hug in a sunny day

__Transition Year, Loreto College Cavan (Ireland)

November 30, 2007

Hello all!

We are the Transition year students of Loreto College, Cavan.

There are 28 girls in the class aged between 15-17.

Transition Year is an optional year between the Junior Certificate and Leaving Certificate Courses. The Transition Year Programme promotes the personal, social, vocational and educational development of students and prepares them for their role as autonomous, participative and responsible members of society.
For further information on this and our school you can visit our school website:

We have started work on this project and hope to share Christmas customs, music, stories etc. with you from Cavan and Ireland. If you have any students who wish to exchange emails please add a comment if you would like to do so.

Looking forward to our shared studies,

Winnie Hughes

Part of our Xmas cards … dedicated to you ALL

November 29, 2007

Here are our postcards we vitually send you wissing you all a GREAT Christamas 2008!!


Ameni Lazaar, 14.

maria-rita-400.jpg Maria Rita, 13

paride-400.jpg Paride, 14 and Daniele, 16

Christmas during the WW2 in Romania

November 29, 2007

Hello! My name is Catalina, I am in the 5th form at Humoreni School, Romania.

I went to my grandmother and asked her how people celebrated Christmas during the Second World War. My grandmother told me: “We could not celebrate Christmas in those times because there were lots of soldiers walking from house to house. You could not visit your relatives. We couldn’t make our traditional “cozonac” (Christmas bread with a variety of fillings) because we didn’t have flour.  We had to prepare dishes from potatoes, nettles and beans; that’s all we had.”

Now we have many things and my opinion is that we have to appreciate everything we have.

A Christmas Pizza

November 28, 2007

pizza-craciun-400.jpgSANTA CLAUS HAS LOST A BOOT

Look!!! It’s Santa’s boot.

But it’s strange!

Oh…it isn’t a real boot, it’s a pizza!!!!

Hello Friends,

this is a very strange Italian pizza. A Christmas pizza .

But it’s very easy. You can do it without your mum’s help


For 2 pizzas:

1 frozen pizza dough

tomace sauce

200g grated Emmental cheese

tomato slices

1 tin corn

baking paper

How to do it

Cut the frozen dough and give the shape of a boot.

Put it onto the oven dish. Cover with tomato sauce. Add tomato slices, corn and 4 spoons grated Emmental cheese. Bake at 250 °C

A different Xmas!!

November 28, 2007

Hi from Florina and Adrian,

a Romenian girl and a Polish boy. This is our first Xmas holiday in Italy. We moved to Italy this year and we are in class toghether: I BT with Mrs. Anastasia Ciavattella our English teacher.

This will be a different Christmas, with different traditions and maybe different people. However we’re staying with all the family. That’s the most important thing!

Bye for now, Florina and Adrian

I wish you a WHITE Christmas!!

November 28, 2007

I’m Ludovica and these are the words of a sweet CHRISTMAS Carol we use to sing at xmas time. It is a traditional Italian song: Bianco Natale.

This song is the Italian version of White Christmas.

ludovica-4001.jpgBianco Natale

Col bianco tuo candor, neve

sai dar gioia ad ogni cuor,

è Natale ancora

la grande festa

che sa tutti conquistar.

Un canto vien dal ciel, lento

che con la neve dona a noi

un Natale pieno d’amor

un Natale di felicità.

Tu, neve scendi ancor lenta

per dare gioia ad ogni cuor,

alza gli occhi

e guarda lassù,

è Natale non soffrire più.

Quel lieve tuo candor, neve

discende lieto nel mio cuor…

Tu, dici nel cader neve

il cielo devi ringraziar,

alza gli occhi e guarda lassù

è Natale non soffrire più.

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Hello from Jfk Primary

November 28, 2007

Hello, we are three year5 boys, Daniel who is ten years old, Matthew who is nine years old and Georgie who is nine aswell. We are looking forward to be getting comments from you!

JFK christmas

November 28, 2007

Hello we are 4 year 5 girls called Jordan, Ebony, Tia and Charlotte. We are aged 9 to 10. We are from JFK primary school in England. We have made some chrismas cards and recorded a song called Away in a Manger. For christmas we put up a chrismas tree.

We would like to know what your traditions are.

Merry Christmas!!!