Contest proposal

Dear all,

What do you think if we do a Christmas-postcard contest for our pupils in December?

I hope to have lots of visitors by then and we will give them the opportunity to choose the most beautiful Christmas postcard?




  1. 1
    ibralia Says:

    Good idea in my opinion. I am waiting for the others’views.

  2. 2
    cbarbara Says:

    Great idea!

  3. 3
    springtimes Says:

    Hi from Italy,

    I like your idea but , please, let me know what we have to do.
    It’s my first time in etwinning and I’m trying to understand how it works

    Best wishes

  4. 4
    anastasiaciavattella Says:

    Why not?


  5. 5
    springtimes Says:

    A new proposal:

    Are you interested in Christmas recipes or do you prefer only artistic subjects such as poems, carols, drawings essays?
    For many Italian people, cookery is an art, too:-)
    Let me know, please

  6. Ciao, Piera!
    Wow, that’s a really good idea! Recipes!!! Perfect!
    Shall we create a special category here called “Christmas recipes”?


  7. 7
    springtimes Says:

    Thanks ! We are going to prepare delicious recipes!!!

    A question about postcards: do u mean postcards drawn by students?
    Bye for now

  8. Hi, Piera!

    Yes, I was thinking about postcards drawn by our pupils/students.
    A presto,

  9. 9
    anastasiaciavattella Says:

    Hi Teachers!

    Me and my class are at the computer lab. WE read your proposal and we’ve decided to create a postcard from Italy about xmas traditions.

    from all of us

  10. 10
    springtimes Says:

    Hi from Alessandria in Italy!

    the students of class 2C are reading this blog and are happy to start the project with you

    A presto 🙂

  11. A warm hello and a big hug from Romania to all of you and your pupils/students!


  12. 12
    kaltenekar Says:

    Hello, Liliana

    I totally agree with Christmas-postcard contest. We will also try and send you some typical Recipes from our country that we eat for Cristmas.

    Best regards,


  13. Dear Tina,
    Thanks a lot! Please accept our invitation on eTwinning as well. I’ve noticed you haven’t logged in at all. We need you there too. If you have problems accepting the invitation, please leave a message here or contact me on eTwinning.

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