The first snow in Suceava (Comanesti)

Dear all,
I woke up this morning and everything was white outside. My pupils are so happy to have so much snow.
Here are some photos of the school and of my pupils playing outside the school.

scoala-026.jpg Comanesti School

0011001.jpg Comanesti School again

scoala-006.jpg Kids playing with snow

scoala-005.jpg Kids playing in the snow


  1. 1
    anastasiaciavattella Says:

    How nice! Here in Italy the weather’ s fine! Just think that yesterday it was 21 °C. I was half-sleeved in the morning. But they said it’s getting worst and bad wether is coming here, too.
    Hoping this week end won’t be too cold as I go to London.
    Anastasia, Italy

  2. 2
    springtimes Says:

    21°C??? Not in my town! In Alessandria, in the north west of Italy, we had 12 ° C yesterday afternoon and last week we had 2°C in the morning . I ride my bike to school in the morning and it isn’t very pleasant
    Thanks for the photos I hope to show my students
    Piera, Italy

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