Hi from England!

I’ve posted a message on the Heath Hayes blog on the WordPress site but think it may not appear to you so I’m posting one here, too.

Is there advice on how to upload a music file to the Carolling blog?

Where are we going to post the words of the songs?

Are we going to email each other via the etwinning site or by comments on this site?

Looking forward to joining in,



  1. Hello, David!

    You’re right, I haven’t seen your message on the Heath Hayes blog. I am really sorry.
    In order for us to be able to post mp3s, I have to pay and get an upgrade, but I have discovered that we can post mp3s on edublogs.org for free, so my suggestion is to post the mp3s on our mirror blog on edublogs (carollingineurope.edublogs.org). I will update the latter soon and send you invitations. We will post links to the edublogs records on this blog.

    I wish we could be able to post the lyrics as well and if possible translated into English where necessary.

    Let’s use the eTwinning site for communication and this blog only for our pupils’ productions. What do you think? We have used both the eTwinning and this blog for communication so far because the project wasn’t approved by our agencies, but now everything is ok and we have our own twinspace.

    What do you think?
    Do we all agree on this?


  2. 2
    anastasiaciavattella Says:

    Dear Liliana,
    I was about to suggest the same thing. Do you think it’lll be possible to create DEDICATED PAGES to different initiatives: i.e. xmas carols, cards, recipes… and so on.
    I found it difficult to let my students understands what they are meant to issue on the blog.

    As to mps files,I’ll try to understand exactly what you mean with sby with more expertise than me.

    Will keep in touch through etwn space,

    take care

    PS Did you update the list of partners?

  3. Hello Anastasia,

    I’m trying to create the “dedicated pages” today, you’ll see them under the PAGES option here on the blog. Thanks for your suggestion! In this way pupils will be able to find their way through the blog easier.

    I updated the list of partners yesterday.

    Dear all,

    If you have suggestions of any kind, please let me know them. We will learn together. I am a beginner teacher, so please feel free to “patronize” me when necessary. 😀


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