First post (revised)

Hello. This was my first post and followed a query as to whether or not we’re still interested in the Carolling project – YES; we are but being new to this form of blog I’m learning slowly. This was originally posted on the Heath Hayes blog at WordPress but as we already have a photo blog I’ll not be using that one so I have moved this post!

Our recently re-formed choir are currently practising some totally new carols to share with you all. When the performances are more ‘polished’ I’ll post them to the blog. The children think they’ll be singing to the world and, in a real sense, they are so they want to get it right. I’ll use Audacity to record the songs but in the meantime I’ll try to post a couple of samples of the carols we shall share with you. I’ll also post the words to share with you all as they are very different from the traditional carols like Silent Night that we sing in England.

I’m still not sure that I’m doing this right so please tell me if I’m not!!


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  1. Hello, David!
    You’re on the right path. Thank you very much again for joining us! I’m so happy your choir is already doing caroling rehearsals. I am looking forward to listen to them.
    It seems you know how to use Audacity in order to record your pupils singing carols. Can you share that with all of us in a message on etwinning (please post a new thread on the forum)? Lots of us don’t know how to record the carols, I don’t even know what Audacity is. 😦
    We will not be able to post the carols on this blog (as there’s no such option here), but we can do it on our mirror-blog on and on etwinning.
    I look forward to hearing from you!

    All the best,

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