Greetings from the UK

Hello we are three year five boys called: Georgie,Daniel and Matthew.We have been looking forward to speaking to you on wordpress.What we would like to know is how you celebrate christmas every year.At christmas in our school, KS2 go to church and sing carrols,KS1 do a play about a christmas story.We also have a chrismas party with music and party food.

Hope you enjoy our reading our email! 



  1. Hello, George, Daniel and Matthew!

    This is a message from my pupils to you and your classmates:
    “Thanks for sharing your first thoughts with us. We live in a small village near Suceava. On Christmas Eve, we usually go caroling around the neighbourhood and we get sweets, fruit and even money. At Christmas, we go to church with our parents or frriends. At the end of the school term, since it’s the Christmas holiday, we too have a party where we invite our parents to see us singing carols, reciting poems and …. receiving presents from Santa. 😉
    We usually deck a huge Christmas tree at school.”

    We look forward to hearing more about you and the English Christmas traditions.

    Please ask your teacher to post some photos of you and your school on our twinspace on That is a space only for schools, it is safe and no one is going to see them except the teachers and the pupils from the schools involved in the project. You will see there photos of us too. We can’t post photos of students on this blog without their parents’ written permission, but we don’t need permission to post them on etwinning, as the latter is 100% safe.

    Thanks again for your messages.
    All the best,
    Liliana&the pupils from Comanesti and Humoreni Schools

  2. 2
    springtimes Says:

    Hello Jack, Daniel and Matthew

    The kids from Alessandria in Italy are very pleased to work with you and all the other European kids.
    They are going to write about Italian Christmas recipes, legends and traditions . They are also preparing some cards for you but, sorry, they have only 2 hour Art classes a week so it will be quite long to have all the cards ready.
    They hope to publish their photos . Looking at these photos it will be easier to become FRIENDS!!!!

    Thanks for your messages
    students from Vivaldi School in Alessandria and their teacher

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