Hello from J.F.K

Hello, I am a 10 year-old school girl, my name is Jordan. I am from J.F.K primary school in the U.K.     

This year is our centenery and we are doing christmas carols.  We want to know what other countries carols are. We have been singing See Amid the Winters Snow and The Holly and the Ivy

Please post your comments, questions and carols in to help with our project.  Please read the rest of our blog.



  1. Hello and welcome!
    I’m really happy you’ve managed to join us. My pupils are preparing some traditional Romanian carols. We haven’t recorded them yet as they are still rehearsing. If you do “Silent Night”, we could try and do the Romanian version of it (it’s called “Noapte de vis”) or at least post the lyrics in Romanian and in other languages.
    Please don’t forget to post the lyrics as well.

    All the best,

  2. 2
    newbel Says:

    Hello everyone,
    It’s great to see so many messages coming through on this blog. Our pupils are singing “Silent Night ” in Irish for the project. (it’s called “Oíche Chiúin”) It is such a wonderful carol and it is so popular all over the world.
    I think that this blog is great for creating the spirit and atmosphere of Christmas . (and it is still only November!).
    All the best

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