Christmas drawings from Romania

Here are a few of the drawings the Romanian pupils from Comanesti and Humoreni Schools have just finished. The pupils who have drawn them are: Catalin, Mia, Costel, and Anamaria.
We are planning to make our December calendar using one drawing for each day of December. There are pupils who are still working. Their drawings will soon be posted here.




  1. 1
    anastasiaciavattella Says:

    A great “wow, how nice!” from all Italian students to Romenians.
    “very beautiful, indeed.”

    Class 1B

  2. 2
    springtimes Says:

    I’m Francesco from Alessandria in ITaly.
    All your pictures are really beautiful !!!
    The picture prefer is the one with kids playing in the snow
    Who had drawn it?

    Bye bye

  3. 3
    marilena75 Says:

    Congrats to your students Liliana for their beautiful drawings.
    They are amazing and lucky to have such a wonderful teacher like you.
    It makes me think of the “old times” when I was a teacher in Romania.

    Hugs to all of you!


  4. 4
    carollingineurope Says:

    Thank you very much on behalf of my pupils!
    And hugs from them,
    Liliana&the kids

  5. 5
    carollingineurope Says:

    Ciao, Francesco!
    I am Anamaria and I drew that picture. Thank you very much!
    Best wishes,

  6. 6
    carollingineurope Says:

    Hey, Marilena! Long time no see! Thanks!
    I have great kids and they are so enthusiastic about this project! And so are all the other teachers and pupils involved in this project.

    All the best,

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