Congratulation all from Lithuania!!!

We The School of Fine arts of Radviliskis in Lithuania.
We love you!!!
Christmas love:)



  1. 1
    Liliana Mihalachi Says:

    This is a really wonderful postcard. Who made it? Can I ask you how you made it?

  2. 2
    augras Says:

    Thanks, Liliana:)) Postcard made by Saule Likpetryte, 18 ans
    Digital art(Corel Photo-Paint)

  3. 3
    springtimes Says:

    A beautiful surprise!!!
    Thanks and congratulations:-)

    I’m looking forward to showing your card in class.
    A big hug

  4. 4
    augras Says:

    Ciao Piera!!! I am glad that has liked you:))and where your photo?
    Arrivederci! :*Grazina

  5. 5
    anastasiaciavattella Says:

    How nice… psychedelic and joyful Lithuania!!

    I left a post on ewtinning for welcoming you and give you some info.

    ciao, Anastasia

  6. 6
    augras Says:

    Ciao Anastasia :)))) tutto bene, grazie!!! I run there to look…
    And at you such heat that it is possible to bathe?
    Buona giornata!Un abbraccio – Grazina

  7. 7
    springtimes Says:

    Ciao Grazina,

    no photo at the moment , sorry, but a big hug 🙂

  8. 8
    springtimes Says:

    Saule, your card is great!

    You are a real ARTIST!!!!!!!!!!

    Loredana, Serena, Lucrezia , MariaLetizia from Alessandria
    (today is sunny and warm, we are happy!)

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