__Transition Year, Loreto College Cavan (Ireland)

Hello all!

We are the Transition year students of Loreto College, Cavan.

There are 28 girls in the class aged between 15-17.

Transition Year is an optional year between the Junior Certificate and Leaving Certificate Courses. The Transition Year Programme promotes the personal, social, vocational and educational development of students and prepares them for their role as autonomous, participative and responsible members of society.
For further information on this and our school you can visit our school website: www.loretocavan.ie

We have started work on this project and hope to share Christmas customs, music, stories etc. with you from Cavan and Ireland. If you have any students who wish to exchange emails please add a comment if you would like to do so.

Looking forward to our shared studies,

Winnie Hughes



  1. 1
    cbarbara Says:

    Hi Winnie,
    There are 28 girls in my class aged 16-17 and they like to e-mail.Please,let me know what`s the best way.

  2. 2
    Liliana Mihalachi Says:

    Unfortunately, my students are younger than yours, but, if yours want to exchange e-mails with mine,you will find their letters on etwinning.


  3. Dear Winnie Hughes,

    thank you for joinging all of us. As to emailing we’re atrting something like that in etwinning space where our students are preparing their personal presentatio. You may have a look and ask yours to do the same.

    The students I proposed for this project are at their first year Of Secondary school and their English is still at Elementary level. They also study French and German.

    However I teach English in another class (the 4th year) where students are a bit “older” (17-18) and their English level is good as well as German, and French.

    Let’s keep in touch I think we’ll manage to arrange sothing interesting together,

    all the best

  4. 4
    winniemusic Says:

    Hi Barbara,
    if you email names and email addresses to Alison (alison_158@msn.com )we can then begin to reply etc.

  5. 5
    cbarbara Says:

    Hi Winnie
    e-mail addresses are on their way!

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