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December 31, 2007



3 1/3 cup (300 g) rye flour
1 cup (200 g) raw cane sugar
2 eggs, whole
2 tbsp honey
1 tsp baking soda
2 tbsp (15 g) gingerbread spices
(you can get it in the shop) or a mixture of ground cinnamon, allspice, nutmeg, cardamom, and cloves grated lemon peel from ½ lemon. 


Mix flour, sugar, sodium, gingerbread spices, and lemon peel well. Knead into a smooth dough with the eggs and melted honey. Let rest for half an hour. Preheat oven to 160°C. Cover baking tray with parchment paper. Roll out gingerbread dough so that it is about 5 mm thick and cut out the desired forms (hearts, trees, bells,…) You can also decorate the gingerbread with almonds or nuts. Bake for about 10 -15 minutes (180°C.). After baking, spread icing on those you have not decorated yet.


Our Crib

December 30, 2007

Here’s is a photo of one of our cribs!


ITIS “A.Volta”

The biggest Christmas Tree

December 30, 2007

Hello from Perugia!

The students at ITIS “A. Volta” Perugia, Italy would like to wish you a wonderful New Year and tell you a few words about our Christmas Tree which is the biggest in the world. It is located in Gubbio, a small town near Perugia. Every evening of 7 December, the Christmas Tree lights along the slopes of Monte Ingino and shines until 10 January. It’s made of 500 lamps connected by 12000 metres of electric cable and covers a mountainside of Monte Ingino from about 500 to 900 metres altitude.

The Christmas Tree from Gubbio is mentioned in the Guiness Book too and we are very proud of it.

Here is a photo of it.

Christmas Tree in Gubbio

Best wishes,

Daniela and the students at ITIS “A. Volta”

Some more typical Italian Christmas pancakes from Basilicata region

December 30, 2007


Class 5 B children of ” A. Ciancia” Primary school interviewed their mums and their grandmas about typical Christmas pancakes and here are other two recipes for you:

The “Cannaricoli”


1 kg of flour
10 eggs
1 bag of baking powder
1 lemon
1 glass of oil
5 pinches of salt
1 glass of milk


Put the flour on the pastry board, add the eggs, the grated lemon peel,the oil and the milk.
Mix with your hands.
Roll the dough and form some long sticks, then cut them in little peices about 2 cm long.
Press and roll them with one or two fingers on a fork or on another wrinkled surface.
Fry them in a pan with oil or melted pork lard until they are golden.
Serve nutural or sprinkled with sugar.

The “Panzerotti” with the chestnuts


“Strega” liquor
Brown chocolate
1 pinch of salt
Icing sugar

Method for the stuffing

Boil, peel the chestnuts and crumble them.
Add brown chocolate, coffee, sugar, liquor and mix well.

Method for the dough

Mix flour, eggs, salt and sugar on the pastry board.
Work and roll the dough with a rolling-pin.
Cut it in little rectangles or circles.
Put in the middle of them a spoon or two of chestnut stuffing, fold them on it, close pressing the ends.
Fry them in a lot of boiling oil.
Serve sprinkled with icing sugar.

They will be perfect for your New Year’s Eve party!

From “A. Ciancia” primary school- Francavilla in Sinni (PZ ) Italy

“A. Ciancia” Primary School: our cribs for Christmas 2007

December 30, 2007

When Christmas time starts, at the beginning of December, we use to prepare a big Crib and a big Christmas tree in the corridor of our school as a Christmas symbol for everyone. This year we made a big one for all the school, but each class prepared their own crib in their own classrooms too. We photographed them.

Here are the photos of the big one made  by the class 5B children. You can see the other cribs on our blog (Italia chiama Europa) on the left sidebar of this blog.

0-400.jpg 1-400.jpg 2-400.jpg


Crib made by the class 4 B children


Crib made by the class 4 A children

9b.jpgClass 2 A crib    9a.jpgClass 2 B crib 6.jpg Class 3 A crib   7.jpgClass 5 A crib

  Article and Photos by the teacher Mario Martino

Happy New Year!

From “A. Ciancia” primary school – Francavilla in Sinni (PZ) Italy


December 30, 2007

The class 4 B and 5A wish Merry Christmas to you all!

Clarissa’s cardClarissa’s cardBiagio’s card

Cristian and Antonio’s cardGabry’s cardGiuseppe’s card

Ilenia and mariacarmela’s card Mariapinia and Tonia-Christmas letterMarta and Veronica’s card

Mirko’s card NataleNatale 5A

From “A.Ciancia” primary school-Francavilla in Sinni (PZ) Italy

Season Greetings from “Nicu Gane” High School Students

December 30, 2007

Dear all,

We wish you a very happy festive season and …

A Happy New Year, 2008!

Here we are in these photos (6th, 7th and 9th graders) working on this project and enjoying every second of it.

6th graders7th graders9th graders

Great being your partners in this project!

Romanian Carol translated by Adriana (“Nicu Gane” High School)

December 29, 2007

Stefania’s drawing with Magi (9th grade) Stefania’s drawing

Legănelul lui Iisus (old Romanian carol) 1. Colo-n sus pe-un deal frumos / Unde-i cerul luminos / Într-un leagăn stă culcat / Fiul Maicii înfăşat. Refren (bis): Leagăn verde, legănel / Tot din lemn de păltinel … 2. Raza blând-a soarelui / Scaldă faţa Domnului / Vântul dulce tragănă / Pruncul de mi-l leagănă. Refren (bis): Leagăn verde, legănel / Tot din lemn de păltinel … 3. Cântă îngerii în cor / Să vestească tuturor / Astăzi cerul s-a deschis / Pe Christos ni l-a trimis.

Refren (bis): Leagăn verde, legănel / Tot din lemn de păltinel …

Cradle of Jesus

Translated into English by Adriana (9th grade) 1. Over there, up on a beautiful hill, / Where the sky is shining / In a cradle is sleeping recumbent / The Son of the Holy Virgin, swaddled. Chorus (bis): Cradle, green cradle, / All of it made from sycamore wood. 2. The sweet of sunshine / Is lighting up the face of God. / The mild wind is blowing nicely / The Holy Infant to cradle. Chorus (bis): Cradle, green cradle, / All of it made from sycamore wood. 3. The angels are singing in choire / To herald to everyone / That today the sky has opened / To send Jesus for us on Earth.

The ” Crespelle”: Italian typical Christmas pancakes of Basilicata region

December 29, 2007


During Christmas time we prepare and eat these salt pancakes that you can use instead of bread during the meals or as snack:


500 g. of flour

20 g of olive oil

half a glass of milk

20 g. of brewer’s yest

water ( how you need)

a pinch of salt


Mix everything and let the dough rise well covered for 2 hours or more.

Prepare with the dough some little scones and fry them in a lot of boiling olive oil.

Eat them still warm if you want to taste their flavour and their softness.

From “A. Ciancia” primary school – Francavilla in Sinni (PZ) Italy

Romanians celebrate Christmas

December 29, 2007

 … and one last essay about Romanian Christmas and carols from Vasilica, 9th grade (“Nicu Gane” High School):

Vasilica’s essay vasilica2-400.jpg