Noël arrive!

                                            Christmas digital art from Lithuania
 ‘First winter’ made by Viktorija Mikutyte,13ans   

‘The Flight’ made by Deividas Jansavicius,14ans                                                                                             kaledu-pasiuntinukasmazas.jpg 

‘Brave Messenger of Santa Claus is hurry  to You!’ 
made by
Laura Nacickaite, 13ans                                                                               

linksmu-kaledu2.jpg‘Merry Christmas!’
made by Alvydas Jurgaitis, 15ans

 Deimantas Valenta,14ans
‘On deposit  of electricity was sitting nine birds.
They was concentrate and was counting people on pavement.
But  bony tree is don`t matter.
Because a little lamp was shine at twice.’



  1. 1
    stbrendans Says:

    Hi I am Alex aged 12 from St.Brendan’s school. (Ireland)
    I think that your pictures are very good.
    I would like to know what age were the pupils who drew these wonderful pictures?

  2. 2
    springtimes Says:

    Dear friends,

    your cards are wonderful and funny. But can you translate the words , please?

    Ciao, buona giornata (Bye, have a nice day)
    Class 2 C Scuola Vivaldi Alessandria, Italy

  3. 3
    augras Says:

    Ok, ok :)) Moment!!!!

  4. 4
    ludovicaclass1b Says:

    Wiil you tell us your secret?
    Our class

  5. 5
    augras Says:

    secret – photoshop;))))))))))))))

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