My Christmas family traditions

Hello ! I’m Margherita (12 ) from Scuola “Vivaldi” in Alessandria, Italy

 My Christmas family traditions are very simple. On Christmas Eve at mdnight we go to church and listen to the High Mass. It’s a beautiful, long  and particular mass . It usually ends at half past one or two o’clock. During the Christmas season all the people decorate their houses  with ribbons, snowmen and holly. We have a tall Christmas tree and we decorate it  with colourful ornaments and lights . All these decorations come from different parts of the world. During our summer holiday we always buy Christmas tree ornaments so , when we make it in December,  we remember the fantastic time spent on holiday.

We also make the crib. We have got some figurines of Jesus, the Virgin Mary , St Joseph, the ox and the donkey that come from Naples, a city in the south of Italy famous for its traditional cribs.

On Christmas day we have a big family  lunch . We have “agnolotti” (filled fresh pasta) and then roast chicken or guinea fowl with vegetables. As a dessert we eat “pandolce genovese”. This is a sort of cake with currants, pine nuts and candied fruit. It is a traditional cake from Genoa (Genoa,”Genova” in Italian, is  a big city by the sea and it’s less than one hour from Alessandria). Another dessert we like eating is “panettone” (Christmas cake made  from flour, butter, eggs sugar or honey,  spices,  candied citron and sultanas).

I like these traditions but I am particularly happy when I open the packets under the Christmas tree because I find a lot of beautiful things.



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    stbrendans Says:

    Hello Margherita, I am Megan Holden from Ireland.
    Your family traditions sound nice. In my family we have a few traditions. We always put up our Christmas tree two weeks before Christmas Day. We also decorate our house. On Christmas Eve night all of my family go to mass and I sing with our choir. Our mass is at 8.00p.m. We do not have midnight mass in our parish. Then we come home and go to bed early. On Christmas morning everyone gets up very eary to see what Santa has brought us. For our Christmas dinner all of my family go to my grandparents’ house.For Christmas dinner we have: Beef, turkey, potatoes, vegetables, and for dessert we have cake and lots of other nice things. In the evening we go to our neighbours’ house and celebrate with them.On Christmas Day we put the figure of baby Jesus in the crib. On Christmas Eve me my little sister and my little brother all sit by the fire and I read them a Christmas story. Christmas time is very special for my family.

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