Candle in the window


This is an old Irish custom which people do on Christmas Eve. Lighting candles in Ireland has a religious importance. Some people would light candles and place them on the window sill, to show symbolic hospitality for Mary and Joseph. The candle was a way of saying there was room for Mary and Joseph in their homes even if there was none in Bethlehem. Some people even laid an extra place at their tables as a preparation for unexpected visitors.

By Megan age:11,St Brendans N.S Ireland.



  1. 1
    springtimes Says:

    Hello Megan,
    I like this Irish tradition that is symbol of hospitality and generosity.
    It sounds particularly important nowadays. Let’s stop a few moments and think:this is the real meaning of Christmas.

    Piera and her students of 2A and 2C

  2. 2
    Liliana Mihalachi Says:

    Hello, Megan!
    Very nice tradition, we enjoyed reading about it. We would like to know if you still do this nowadays.
    Tell us something about your hometown.

    All the best,
    Liliana&the kids

  3. 3
    stbrendans Says:

    Hello Liliana and everyone,
    Thanks for your comments! We still do this tradition in Ireland, but it is done more in the country-side than in the city. My hometown is called Newmarket. It is a small village. It has a church, a school and has 11 houses. There are no shops but there is a shop in our neighbouring village Hugginstown(about 3 km away). Our school was built in 1925. It is a four teacher school and has 55 pupils. This is my last year in this school and next year I will be going to secondary school, which is about 5 km away.
    That is about it from our village. What is your village like?
    Talk soon,

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