From Loredana

p1010031.jpgHello to all the European friends,

I’m Loredana from Scuola Vivaldi . I live in Alessandria but I’m from Moldavia. I speak a very good Italian, I like the English language and I can understand Romanian.

Here is my Christmas card for you


  1. 1
    stbrendans Says:

    Hi Loredana,this is Cáit. I am 12 years and I go to school in St.Brendans N.S. County Kilkenny Ireland. What age are you? I saw your Christmas card I think it is very good. I live in Ireland but I was born in Russia. I was adopted when I was 5 and a half. I have a twin brother called Alex. I can speak Irish as well as English. Merry Christmas in Irish is Nollaig Shona Duit ( pronounced :null ig hun a dit) What is Merry Christmas in Italian?

  2. 2
    ludovicaclass1b Says:

    Hi Loredana!
    we are Deborah and Melissa, we are 14 years old. We go to the Secondary School “Fazzini-Mercantini”, Italy in class 1b.
    We live in San Benedetto del Tronto, a little city near the Adriatic sea in the middle of the Italy (Marche), 300 km from Bologna.
    It is a beutiful city and especially during the summer when many tourists come to the beach.
    Hugs for all!!

  3. 3
    springtimes Says:

    HI Cait, Melissa, Deborah,
    thanks for your comments.
    I’m 12 years old. I was born in Moldavia, in Chisinau, but I live in Italy, in Alessandria now. I attend the second year of Scuola Media and I play the piano I can speak Romanian, Italian and English: i go swimming twice a week. It’s funny!
    In Italian Merry Christmas is “Buon Natale” (read as it is written).

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