tips of out Italian Xmas time traditions.

0101.jpg Maria-Rita, 13a
During Xmas time we eat: lentins with sausages, turkey, fish (Christmas Eve), potatoes, sweets with chocolate or raisins – especially our PANETTONE, see picture panettone-400.jpg– hazel and grapes. We drink sparling wine. We shot the fires for celebrating the New Year’s day, do the countdown and we say: “Happy New Year”.


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    springtimes Says:

    Hello Maria Rita,
    I’m Vanina, from Alessandria. I’m 12.
    I know that in Italy we eat a lot for Christmas . My family has also a big lunch on Christmas day after the mess. In my family Christmas is very important. We are all together, we open the presents from Santa Claus. I “believe” in Santa Claus because I think he has got a big heart. On Christmas Day my sisters play with their games and dolls and my brother plays with his fantastic Playstation and I prey for a happy Christmas for all the worlds

    have a nice Christmas. Vanina

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