Serena’s Christmas traditions


Hi, I’m Serena  from Scuola Vivaldi in Alessandria. I’m 12. I live in a small country village near Alessandria. I like singing.

On Christmas Eve I usually have a big dinner at home with my family. We usually eat roast beef or chicken and some typical christmas cakes: panettone, pandoro and pandolce.After dinner we go to church; my father is the director of the church choir and we like to sing all together.

The mass is long and when we get home, after midnight, my brothers and I go to sleep. When we are sleeping my parents put the presents under the Christmas tree. On Christmas morning I go and wake up my brother and my parents and we see the presents together. After we have a big breakfast with milk, chocolate, biscuits, coffee, eggs, fruit juice and panettone. Then we go to Genoa (Genova , a city by the sea)  where my aunt and my uncle live. We have Christmas lunch together. We eat “lasagne”(pieces of pasta put one on the other with tomato sauce or meat sauce ) , a cake made with vegetables and a big slice of”pandolce genovese” (the typical Christmas cake from Genoa). In the afternoon I have a stroll by the sea with my relatives. My Christmas is a beautiful day

A big hug 


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    stbrendans Says:

    Hi Serena ,
    Lisa here in Newmarket in Ireland.
    I am 11 years old.
    We eat our big dinner on Christmas Day.
    For our Christmas dinner we eat potatoes,turkey,ham,veg and desert such as pudding or Christmas cake.
    My family go to mass on Christmas Eve at eight o’clock. We have a special ceremony at mass where children bring up presents in a shoe box. These presents are then sent to children in poor countries. The children sing in the choir.Our mass lasts about an hour and a half.
    On Christmas Day we go down to open our presents and have some breakfast such as juice and cereal.After that we go to my granny’s house for the dinner that we wait all year for it really is yummy! There are about 15 of us at dinner. Soon after dinner our granny gives us presents.That night we prepare for our dinner on St Stephens Day. All of my cousins come to my house for dinner. On St Stephens Day about 14 of my cousins come to my house.
    My Christmas is like yours, it is a time for our families.
    Bye from Lisa

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