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as you probably know, the typical Italian Christmas dessert is “panettone”. It is a  sweet bread from Milan but it is eaten for Christmas and New Year all over Italy. It has a cupola shape; it is very long and difficult to cook and nobody cooks it at home, we usually buy it. The original “panettone” contains  candied orange and lemon and raisins; but there are new kinds of “panettone” with chocolate or cream. In many families they serve it with Crema al mascarpone, a cream made from mascarpone cheese, sugar, eggs and a liqueur called Amaretto.

Now I want to tell you the reason of this name. There are a lot of legends about and they interesting. Perhaps the name derives from the Milanese (dialect from Milan) “pan del ton” that means  “bread of luxury”.

A legend says that it was invented by the nobleman falconer Ughetto Atellani . He fell in love with Adalgisa, the daughter of a poor baker called Toni. To have the girl he loved, the nobleman diguised himself as a baker and created a particular bread with flour, yeast, butter, eggs, candied orange and lemon and raisin. The duke of Milan, Ludovico il Moro Sforza (xvi century), agreed to the marriage and, to celebrate it, he encouraged to cook this sweet bread: Pan del Toni (in English Toni’s bread)

There is another legend . At the court of Sforza, in Milan, it was Christmas; there was an important dinner but the cake burnt so the kitchen boy, called Toni, decided to cook a special cake with all the things he found in the cupboard. The cake was very good and it was given the name of the boy (Pan di Toni- Panettone).

I don’t know if the legends are right but “panettone” is very good and I like to eat it.

You can see a picture of “panettone” and a picture of Duomo di MIlano( come to see it!!!)

Merry Christmas and a Happy new Year

Francesca class 2A Scuola Vivaldi Alessandria


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    Liliana Mihalachi Says:

    Lots of our kids’ parents work in Italy and when they turn back to Romania , especially at Christmas, they bring “panettone”; we have a similar cake called “cozonac”, we are going to tell you more about it soon.
    They are both delicious!!! Yummy!

    Liliana&the kids

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