Christmas in Austria

The special story about the postoffice at Christkindl


A picturesque village, a heavenly name: Christkindl in Upper Austria.Its name is inspirational from the name “Christkind” or “Christ Child”. It is the “Christkind” who brings in Austria the presents on Christmas Eve.

In the advent in 1950 a special Christmas post office opened for the first time in the village Christkindl close to Steyr. Nowadays it is world famous and it opens this year the 58th time. Hundreds of children are writing every year their list of wishes to the “Christ Child”. In the hope that their wishes will be fulfilled, they post their letters at the Christmas post office in Christkindl. Certainly the Austrian Post AG doesn’t know the “Christ Child’s” address, but nevertheless each child gets an answer back. Millions of letters and post cards have been sent from the small post office since 1950.

 In the meantime more than 100.000 guests send their Christmas letters to their friends and families all over the world. Each letter is provided with a Christmas stamp and with the Christkindl special postmark. During the past 10 years more than two million Christmas Greetings have been sent via the post office Christkindl.

 Jointly responsibly for the success, was the implementation of the Christmas stamp.Since 1967 every year, at the opening of the post office, a new stamp is brought out. The Christmas post office is open every year from 23rd November to the 6th January. 

by Anna Baumgartner 



  1. 1
    Liliana Mihalachi Says:

    This is Petruta from Romania. What a nice custom!
    The spirit of Christmas is everywhere!

  2. 2
    stbrendans Says:

    Hi this is Rachel from Kilkenny,Ireland.
    The vilage of Christkindl looks like a nice place to
    visit. I would like to go there sometime.

    Bye for now.

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