Christmas in our Parish church


Christmas in our Parish church,Hugginstown,Kilkenny,Ireland.

There will be mass for young families and children on Christmas Eve , Monday 24th December 2007. The children will be taking an active part in this Mass through singing; reading; drama etc. The children bring with them to the mass, a little gift,  not more than €5.00 in value which they will place at the altar during mass.  After Christmas all these gifts will be sent to children living in countries less well off than we are . The idea is that the children will have an opportunity to share their celebration of Christmas with other children who are less fortunate than themseves. It is important that if they buy this gift it is from their own pocket money.   Our parents also will help with the readings and singing.

 Catriona age 11

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    Liliana Mihalachi Says:

    Hello, Catriona!
    It is so important to want to share your happiness with the others!
    We are Christian Orthodox and we usually go to church at Christmas and sing carols. Lots of donations are gathered from people all over Romania for the poor.
    All the best,
    Liliana&the kids

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