Christmas in our village


We are Livia and Daniel, aged 12. We are from a small village called Comanesti. In our village people have preserved customs which you will not see in towns and big cities.

On Christmas Eve, children deck the Christmas tree and in the afternoon they go caroling from house to house and people give them money, fruit or sweets. They start from 5-6 p.m. and sometimes come home at 9-10 p.m. We rarely go caroling alone; most of the time we take our friends with us so we are not afraid to be out at that time both because the villagers know us and because we are in a group of friends.

The Roma children who live in Humoreni, a village not far from ours, come to our houses to sing carols to us. They bring with them an icon representing the birth of Jesus decked with tinsel, lights and fir branches. We call it “Steaua” (The Star-because of the shape of the decked icon).

Our mothers cook all types of dishes two days before Christmas and sometimes all the family members help them. Five-six days before Christmas, those who have grown pigs, will sacrifice them in the honour of Saint Ignatius. Then the women cook the meat. This is a very old custom and nowadays few people cut their pigs as their ancestors did.

The drawings belong to Stefan from the 6th form and Mia, the 5th form, Comanesti School.

We wish you a MERRY CHRISTMAS on behalf of all our classmates and teachers from Comanesti and Humoreni Schools!



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    stbrendans Says:

    Hi I am Alex aged 12 from Ireland.
    First of all the drawings are great.
    We do carols but not the same as you do.
    We also don’t kill pigs either but we do eat them for our Christmas dinner.
    We eat turkey and ham which we get from our butcher. We are making Christmas candles and we were rehearsing for our Christmas play.
    We wish you all a Happy Christmas and have a Happy Holiday.

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