A walk out! Our town at Christmas!

Hello friends,

This is Annalisa and Sylvia, two schoolmates – and friends 😉  –

We thought it was a nice idea to take some pictures of our city at Christmas time. So you’ll get the idea of Italian way to celebrate it. Maybe you will be ENCOURAGED to com and see us.

bancarelle-400.jpgFirst of all on the 13th December we celebrate Saint Lucy, the Saint of Light and on the occation same stalls have been opened along our main streets. They sell Christmas decorations, gifts, and also some sweets.

negozio-400.jpgDuring our walk we saw one of our biggest department stores which was all illuminated.

Is it nice?

This one below is our main street called in Italian CORSO. passeggiata-di-notte-400.jpg


Then the next day we thought the pictures were maybe too dark so we took some more pictures in the daylight.

Here you are!!

WE hope you like them.

Merry Christmas to you!!!

Sylvia and Annalisa class 1b, Fazzini-Mercantini, Italy


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    stbrendans Says:

    Hi Annalisa and Sylvia,
    Cáit here. I am 12. I go to school in St. Brendan’s N.S. Kilkenny Ireland. I like the photos you took. What age are you. In Ireland we put up our Christmas decorations on the 8th of December. Your town looks very nice! In our family we put up our Christmas-tree on the 8th of December and our Christmas lights on the 15th of December. We take down our decorations on the 6th of January. On the morning of the 25th of December(Christmas Day) My brother and I open some of our presents, then we go and serve Mass in the church in Newmarket at 9 o’clock or in the church in Hugginstown at 11o’clock. When we come back from Mass we open more presents. At around 1 o’clock we have our Christmas dinner. My Mother, Father & Brother eat: Turkey and cranberry sauce, ham,carrots,peas and potatoes and gravy. I eat roast beef, raw carrots, potatoes and gravy. I don’t like turkey, ham, cooked carrots or peas. What do you eat for Christmas dinner? this year for Christmas I want a Nintendo D.S. The new Westlife C.D. and a surprise. What do you want for Christmas? We are getting our Christmas holidays tomorrow. I will log onto this website and send messages on my computer at home during Christmas. Talk soon bye!!

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