Mrs. and Mr. Snowman’s Love Story by Vasilica (6th grade, “Nicu Gane” High School)

Love Story Raluca’s drawing (6th grade)

It was a snowy day. Nick was staying in the house. Suddenly the phone rang.“Hello. This is Danny.”“Hello, Danny.”“Would you like to come to my house?”“Why?”“I’m bored and I’d like to make a snowman. Would you like to help me?”“Ok, Danny. I think I’m coming. Bye! See you soon.”“Bye. See you.”Knock-knock! At the door: “That’s Nick, mom. We’re going out to play. Bye.”“Bye, Danny. Take care.” They make a beautiful Snow-Woman. Then the boys go to Nick’s house and make another Snow-Man. During their work, some snow from Mrs. Snow-Woman flies in the air and falls on Mr. Snow-Man. The boys finished their snowmen and go inside the house to warm. Because of the snow coming from Mrs. Snow-Woman, the Snow-Man comes to life and falls in love with her. He goes to meet her in Danny’s courtyard and gives her a big hug. Suddenly, Mrs. Snow-Woman comes to life, too. Now they are in love: Snow-Woman loves Snow-Man and Snow-Man loves Snow-Woman back. Their love makes a heart grow in each of them. Their hearts have powerful heat and this melts Snow-Man and Snow-Woman. They die together in a big hug.  This is the sad story of Mrs. Snow-Woman and Mr. Snow-Man. They died for their love, but they come to life next winter when Nick and Danny play together again. Do you think they’ll fall in love again?


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