How we celebrate Christmas


We live in a little town in the southern of Italy called Francavilla in Sinni in province of Potenza in Basilicata region. We’re in the fifth class of the “A. Ciancia” primary school of the I. C. ” Don Bosco” and we want you to know how we celebrate Christmas:Drawing and captiondrawing+caption

We prepare a crib or a Christmas tree.

We decorate our home, our school and our town with stars, ligths and festons.

On Christmas Eve we have a Christmas dinner, we go to the church , at midnight we put Baby Jesus on our crib and then celebrate with panettone and sparkling wine. We also wait for Babbo Natale : he brings presents to the children.

On Christmas day we have a big Christmas lunch with all our family and many relatives, at the end of the lunch we eat Panettone and many tipycal cakes and pancakes such as “Crespelle”,” Cannaricoli”, “Panzerotti”, “Cicerchiata”…

On New Year’s Eve we have a party with a big dinner and dances and at midnight we celebrate the New Year with fireworks and throwing old things ( plates, glasses, vases…) from the windows . After midnight we eat “Zampone with lentils) to wish good luck to ourselves and to everyone.

On the 6th January we receive gifts from the Befana, an old good witch that comes down the chimney with a big bag full of toys for good children.

our-christmas2.jpg our-christmas-001.jpg presepe.jpg our-christmas-005.jpg our-christmas-006.jpg our-christmas-008.jpg our-christmas-010.jpg our-christmas-012.jpg our-christmas-0012.jpg

From  “A. Ciancia” primary school – Francavilla in sinni (PZ) Italy


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    Liliana Mihalachi Says:

    Benvenuto sul nostro blog!
    Welcome to our blog! We are so happy to know that you like our project. Congrats for your blog too! I shall put a link to it here (in the blogroll section).


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