One last Christmas story for 2007 from “Nicu Gane” students

A Happy Christmas

By Stefania Nistor, 9th grade 

   A long time ago, when the fields were covered in snow and the spring was not known yet, Christmas was near to come in the village named Starplace – a village where the stars were brighter than anywhere else and the sky above this village looked like a dark-blue ball with little golden stars on it. A Sad family lived in this village.

Like their name, those people, Anna and Gabriel, were sad because their daughter, Tina, was always sad. Tina was upset and lonely as her parents couldn’t give her a sister or a brother.One day, on Christmas Eve, Tina and her parents were walking through the park after doing some shopping in town. There they found a little boy crying because he’d got lost from his parents. The Sad family stopped to talk to the little boy:“Poor kid, you must be frozen! You lost your parents, didn’t you?” said Anna. But the child didn’t answer and didn’t stop crying.“What’s your name? Who are your parents?” Tina asked trying to calm him down. “Tim, my name’s Tim. Where’s mom?”“We must take to the police to see if your parents let them know that you are lost.” Anna said.Tina thought this was the best occasion to change he life and asked her mother to take Tim to their place until the police would find his parents.“Oh, darling, this can’t be the right thing for us to do, I’m afraid. His parents must be dead worried for him.”But when Anna looked in Tina’s eyes, she saw tears and an imploring look.“OK! But only until Tim’s parents are found.” Gabriel said.

So now they became the happy family for a short time because Tina was happy, too. Tim spent Christmas with them and it was their most beautiful Christmas ever. Tim’s parents showed up the next morning. The two children promised to stay friends for life and visited each other every Christmas. Tina couldn’t get a brother but she won a friend for life and her parents changed the family name into … Happy! A Happy Christmas!


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