Romanians celebrate Christmas

Here are some more things about how Romanians celebrate Christmas from my 9th graders:

Romanians celebrate Christmas! by Gabriela (9th grade, “Nicu Gane” High School)

Carolling from house to house Vasilica’s drawing  

Christmas is probably the most beautiful holiday on Earth and people around the world celebrate it in their own way.In Romania God’s birth is celebrated in a unique style. Six weeks before December 25th we fast because that is what our Orthodox Church and tradition teach us to do. A week before Christmas everyone in the family has something to do: washing, cleaning, cooking and baking. Usually, all members participate in these preparations, being responsible for one chore or another. A day or two before the Christmas the priest comes to our houses to announce God’s Birth and do a short service. Then we all get to decorate the Christmas tree. That’s one of my favourite moments during the holidays. I just love decorating the Christmas tree! On Christmas Eve children go carolling to each and every house in their village or neighbourhood. They receive candies, cookies, cakes, pretzels and, sometimes, even a small sum of money for their carolling. On the first Christmas morning, when we wake up we go and check what Santa left for us under the Christmas tree during the night. That’s another favourite moment for me during the Christmas celebration. At noon, all families get reunited at Christmas lunch table. You can find so much good food on that table. Romanian traditional Christmas meals are real art: they are the well-known sarmalute (meat and vegetable balls wrapped in cabbage or vine leaves) and a great cake full of ground nuts, Turkish delight and raisins, called cozonac in Romanian. After lunch we pay visits to friends and neighbours, bringing them small presents, pretending that Santa left them with us to give further to our loved ones.Even if I’m not a child anymore, I think it is important to believe in Santa Claus just as we believe in Christmas and in God. I will always love Santa and I love Christmas.


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