“A. Ciancia” Primary School: our cribs for Christmas 2007

When Christmas time starts, at the beginning of December, we use to prepare a big Crib and a big Christmas tree in the corridor of our school as a Christmas symbol for everyone. This year we made a big one for all the school, but each class prepared their own crib in their own classrooms too. We photographed them.

Here are the photos of the big one made  by the class 5B children. You can see the other cribs on our blog (Italia chiama Europa) on the left sidebar of this blog.

0-400.jpg 1-400.jpg 2-400.jpg


Crib made by the class 4 B children


Crib made by the class 4 A children

9b.jpgClass 2 A crib    9a.jpgClass 2 B crib 6.jpg Class 3 A crib   7.jpgClass 5 A crib

  Article and Photos by the teacher Mario Martino

Happy New Year!

From “A. Ciancia” primary school – Francavilla in Sinni (PZ) Italy

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