the three wise men

Hi friends,

There’s something else you may not know about xmas in Spain:

In fact we have no tradition on Santa Claus’ presents, but it’s  getting more and more popular in Spain nowadays (probably because of commercial benefits).

All our kids get presents from “the three wise men”on January 5th: a great and magical night. When you get up on the 6th of January,you find lots of presents under the xmas tree: the three wise men left them there for the kids.

It is a religious belief, that tree kings were on their camels in thath night and heard that a little baby boy was born but had nothing as his family was very poor.

These 3 kings wanted to see him and bring over all they had on: gold, inciense and myrra.

That’s why our children get presents from the “three magic kings: Melchor,Gaspar and Baltasar”


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