wallf31.jpgThe history of Christkindl Ferdinand Sertl, chapel master and head of the fire watch, lived in the 17th century in Steyr, a small town in Upper Austria.As he suffered from epilepsy, he shied away from the company of others.Being a religious man, he fixed a picture of the holy family to one of the trees in the forest close to Steyr.Kneeling in front of this picture he often prays for relief is affliction. In 1695 or 1696 he bought a small wax “Christkind” and placed it in a cave he had cut into the same tree.From that time on, Sertl pilgrimage nearly every day.And then his fits became less and less common and finally stopped completely.As the story became known in the village a wooden chapel was built around the tree in 1699. Today a church is standing at this place.The bole with the wax Christkind is still a part of the Lord ’s Table.  written by Anna


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