Nollaig na nBan

Full crib

Nollag na mBan (Women’s Christmas), The Epiphany, The Visit of the Maji (Wise Men, Three Kings), Little Christmas. The 12th Day of Christmas.

Christmas bow

The women of the household worked so hard during the Christmas season it became a tradition that they got the 12th day to themslves. In some parts of Ireland it used to be the practice for women to “abandon” their families and visit their mothers to celebrate Women’s Christmas together. Others used to go on a “girls’ night out” while their menfolk tried to handle the children and the household tasks.
Nowadays children (young and old) give their mothers a separate presents on the 12th Day of Christmas or take them out to dinner. Of course the best present a mother can get is – the day off from housework . HINT! HINT!
Toddler doing chores

Today is also the day that all the Christmas decorations are taken down and packed away. Don’t leave it all to your Mom and Dad.
animated fairy lights 

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