Semanatul and Sorcova

Semanatul and Sorcova are performed only by children on the 1 January, early in the morning. A sorcova is a bouquet made up of tree twigs, which is used to touch (lightly) the people who receive the children with Sorcova.

Semanatul is similar but children don’t carry the sorcova with them; they fill their pockets with grains of wheat and sprinkle them on people while saying:

Sorcova, vesela,

Sã trãiti, sã-mbãtrâniti,

Ca un mãr, ca un pãr,

Ca un fir de trandafir,

Tare ca piatra,

Iute ca sãgeata,

Tare ca fierul,

Iute ca otelul,

La anu’ si la multi ani !

The translation would be:

Merry Sorcova,

May you live long and grow old

As an apple tree, as a pear

As a rose bush fair

May you be strong as a granite rock

Quick as an arrow

Hard as an iron bar

Tougher than steel by far.

A New Year with happiness!

This is a photo of the pupils at Humoreni School performing Sorcova. They are dressed up in our traditional costumes.


Liliana&the kids



  1. 1
    oanadima Says:

    Very, very nice !

  2. 2
    Liliana Mihalachi Says:

    Thanks a lot! Kids like this very much.

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