The Festival of the Winter Traditions and Customs at Vatra Dornei

Hello and Happy New Year everybody!

My name is Renata and I will tell you a few words about a festival which our 7th and 8th form pupils from Comanesti School have participated in on the 29th of December. It is called The Festival of the Winter Traditions and Customs and it was at the 10th edition.

It is actually a parade as people and artistic groups from this part of the country have performed in the streets.

Here are a few photos:




Traditional dances

Best wishes,

Renata (7th form)



  1. 1
    stbrendans Says:

    Hello Renata,Lisa from Ireland.
    In our country we have a parade on New Years Day It is called the Wellington Race it takes place In Castlecomer, county Kilkenny, Ireland.
    It is called the wellington race because people wear their wellingtons to run around the village of Castlecomer to raise money for charity.

  2. 2
    stbrendans Says:

    That sounds like fun! Here in Ireland we do something like that but at a different time of year. In Ireland we hold a parade on 14th of March (St Patrick’s Day. There is a parade held in Dublin and every year has a huge turn out.
    Did you all have a good Christmas? I had a great one with lots of presents!!
    Happy New Year,Megan, age 11,Ireland.

  3. 3
    Liliana Mihalachi Says:

    Hello, Lisa!
    I would like to know more about the Wellington Race. Do you happen to have photos?
    We have such a snowy winter here. What is it like in Kilkenny?


  4. 4
    Liliana Mihalachi Says:

    Hello Megan!

    Happy New Year to you too!
    I had a very nice Christmas with presents, snow… We still have a lot of snow here.
    What do people do at the parade in Dublin?


  5. 5
    stbrendans Says:

    Hello Renata, Lisa here in Ireland.
    I have uploaded another picture of the wellington race.
    Our weather is cold, frosty and we had a lot of heavy rain during the week but no snow.We don’t get much snow but I would love to get snow!!You would probably like to get rid of the snow!!

  6. 6
    stbrendans Says:

    Hello Renata, Megan here
    At the parade in Dublin people dress up in bright colours mainly green and there are lots of floats some showing St.Patrick and others funny characters. We have no snow! Usually we have snow around February, its a funny time to have it but at least we have it!! The snow only lasts for a day or two but it is nice to have it. There is not that much snow now though but there is a lot of rain and big floods.

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