Die Heiligen Drei Könige (Wise Men)


Die Heiligen Drei Könige (The Wise Men)

 In all German speaking countries Christmas celebration does not end until 6th January.From 1st January until 6th January many kids from the Katholische Jungschar  (children meet at parsonage and sing, play and have a good time together) are engaged as Epiphany carol singers. Three children are dressed as wise men and one child carries the star. They go from house to house, flat to flat and sing carols and ask for a donation for one of the charity projects run by the church. On every door thy write in chalk their initials plus the year   20  C+ M + B  08

This should protect house and home.

written by Lisa



  1. 1
    stbrendans Says:

    Hi I am Alex aged 12.
    That is a very interesting topic. In Ireland we put the 3 Kings, (as they are known in Ireland)in the crib on that day.. We go to Mass on that day also. The day after is the day we usually take down the decorations. Some families go out to eat on the 6th of January and in some families the father of the house makes the dinner because it gives a break to the women after preparing the Christmas dinner.The 6th of January is known in Ireland as Nollaig Na mBan which means the womens Christmas. We usually go back to school the day after the 6th of January.

  2. 2
    cbarbara Says:

    Hi Alex,
    All the Epiphany carol singers also go to church dress up on 6th January and they sing their songs during Mass. We also take down our christmas decoration that day. But not all people do this. Some of them have their Christmas tree even until the beginning of February. We like the idea of Nollaig Na mBan. It sounds like mother`s day. And we are also back at school since 6th of January but not for long.We half half term holidays from 18th of February until 24th of February ,- and you? Do you have half term holidays?


  3. 3
    stbrendans Says:

    Hi Lisa,
    We have half term also. We are closed on the 14th and 15th of February. All secondary schools in Ireland close from the 11th until the 15th. I am looking forward to next year because I will be in secondary school and I will have a week off.

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