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Hello Everyone,

I was wondering if we could all meet online before the project ends and discuss how it worked out and what we learned from it. I have used Flash Meeting before and I can book a session at a suitable time for all interested parties.

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You will need a broadband connection, a mic and a webcam if possible. Everyone will appear on the screen and the moderator will manage the session. The working language would be English but everyone is entitled contribute in their own language and others may translate or assist each other anyway they feel fit.

I think it would be great fun and a chance to use state of the art conference software.

Think about it and comment below.

Joe Molloy



  1. 1
    springtimes Says:

    Hello Joe and everybody,

    I think it’s a good idea. But tell me how to do it, please.
    I have a proposal: why not going on with the project even with a new subject. Maybe our town or festival in general (Carnival , Easter and so on
    Please, think about it.
    Bye for now

  2. 2
    Liliana Mihalachi Says:

    Good idea, Joe!
    I will be able to get online again in a week. I will be away next week and I won’t be ale to connect. What do you think if we (flash)meet after the 23rd of January?

    Dear Piera,
    We are going on with another project called “Traditions across Europe”. At least that was my proposal for you, please read all the posts on our etwinning forum. Those who want to stay in the project are very welcome and if you know other people who would like to participate in it, please invite them here. I’ve already contacted a Hungarian librarian who wants to join in.

    I was wondering if we should use this blog or switch to Ning for “Traditions…”? What do you think? I am looking forward to hearing your opinions on etwinning.
    I think it would be nice to stick to this blog for the next project as we have plenty of space here. It would also be very useful to create a group on Ning too, just to let our students interact more. Please see http://www.ning.com. Ning has much more interactive tools.

    All the best,

  3. 3
    oide Says:

    Hello Piera, Liliana, and all,

    I will arrange the FlashMeeting for an agreed day in the last week of January. Everyone interested will be emailed with the time and the logon address. Everything wil be automatic after that. Don’t worry about technical problems we will sort them out on the night. If everything else fails we can use the text window. If you do not want to use a camera – don’t!

    As regards continuing on this site with a new project I would leave this project running on its own if we intend to enter it in the eTwinning competition later on in the year. It would look a bit odd logging on to Carollingineurope to participate in a project on Mardi Gras or Saint Patrick’s Day, Easter, etc. I definitely think our little community would benefit from a new theme.

    Unfortunately, YouTube, Flickr, Ning, and many other open content providers are blocked by FortiNet on the Irish Schools’ Network as the Department of Education and Science cannot guarantee the suitability of the content for children. For example, the YouTube files on the site appear blank to Irish schools.

    The full stand-alone version of WordPress hosted on a private site has a multitude of facilities but that would cost more money.

    Enjoy the rest of the day.


  4. 4
    ginama Says:

    Hi Liliana!
    Why don’t continue with this blog changing a little the name, such as
    “Carolling and other in Europe”? Anyway, my colleague I would like to take part in your project about traditions!

    About Flash Meeting I haven’t experienced it so far, but our English partner is lookink to arrange something with it.

  5. 5
    Liliana Mihalachi Says:

    Hello, Gina!
    It’s so good to hear we have a new future partner. Welcome, Gina!

    Unfortunately, we can’t change the address of the blog, it’ll always be carollingineurope.wordpress.com. All we can do is to change the title, but I think Joe is right…if we want to enter the eTwinning competition later, we will have to leave it like that.

  6. Here I am!
    Ready to be called and meet everyone. Thanks Joe for this initiative but please let me know what to do exactly.

    In the meantime I am working with my school collegues to advertise our project to other classes and schools. MOreover I have written again to the etwinning authorities to obtain the Quality label as I haven’t had any nwes for a month.
    I’ll keep you updated,
    all the best
    ciao Anastasia

  7. 7
    cbarbara Says:

    Hello dear everybody,

    I think the idea of carrying on the project is great. What about creating a booklet about all our work done so far plus the upcoming collection of traditions across Europe. The older students write the text. The younger ones do the illustrations. What a CD with common songs sung in different languages- like Silent Night????????
    I am open to any ideas as I think we have done a great job creating our carolling blog.
    Is it possible to involve mor students this time. I have two other groups and teachers who would love to take part.

    Best regards to all

  8. 8
    Liliana Mihalachi Says:

    Great idea, Barbara!

    I would say a booklet and a CD enclosed to it would be perfect!
    It can be even more personal, meaning that the participants can also write their impressions about this project and the upcoming one.

    We could launch the booklet next Christmas or at the end of the school year in all the schools simultaneously.

    I am totally for it, it’s a great idea!
    What do the others think about this?


  9. 9
    Liliana Mihalachi Says:

    Dear Joe,

    I think you’re right about this blog when you say it should be dedicated to the carolling project only.
    In this case, we have to find a free host for our next project…shall we use wordpress again? Maybe it’s not a bad idea, as each of us has already got an account here.

    What do the other partners think?

    All the best,

  10. 10
    Liliana Mihalachi Says:

    Welcome back, Anastasia!

    I am sure the Italian agency is a bit slow, but you will get the Quality Label too. Any news from the other agencies?


  11. 11
    oide Says:

    We have a great little community here and I feel we should definitely continue with some type of similar project. Piera and Liliana are right. I remember discussing this with Liliana at the beginning of last November.

    I would roceed as before and each of us do our own thing on a single site. The proposed name should cover various local and national traditions. Dublin is the burial place of Saint Valentine – imagine what that would generate! Not to mention Saint Patrick’s Day.


    There is nothing to stop members setting up their own projects and then we comment on each one. This will ensure that the each site is an instant success.

    This is something we can discuss during the FlashMeeting session.

  12. 12
    springtimes Says:

    It looks marvellous!
    We will go on and the students will be very excited!
    I suggest to use another blog and then, if it possible, to join everything in a common booklet
    We have to think about it

    All the best

  13. 13
    stbrendans Says:

    Hi everyone,
    I think we should leave this blog just for the carolling project and start a new one for the new project. I dont mind where we host it as long as each school has access to it.

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