from Alessandria, Italy

snow-in-alHi everybody, we are happy to be with you again.

In Italy Deecember 8th is a religious holiday (Immacolata Concezione) so schools were closed , we had a long weekend . We are coming back to school tomorrow, Tuesday, ready to work with you.

Last weeked it snowed in our town, as you can see from the picture,  and now the temperature is very low… – 8 by night!

What about the weather in your countries?

Bye for now, a big hug

Students of Scuola Media Vivaldi  Alessandria



  1. Wow how much rain in there!

    Here in the sentre of Italy while people are getting ready for Xmas time, are goiing skiing on the ski slopes, too.

    ciao a tutti


  2. 2
    springtimes Says:

    Late in the afternoon it started snowing again.
    The landscape looks wonderful but tomorrow morning it won’t be very easy to reach our school

    Bye from a snowy Alessandria

  3. 3
    stbrendans Says:

    Here in Ireland it has been raining all day and it is very cold also.
    I would love if it snowed here as we seldom have snow in Ireland.
    It must be great to be able to ski every weekend in Italy ?
    ‘bye from a wet and windy Kilkenny

  4. 4
    Liliana Says:

    We hope to have snow at Christmas this year, but now it’s only cold and windy. Santa, please bring some snow with you! :))

    All the best,

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