Christmas 2009

Hello friends,

Christmas is coming and the students of classes 2A and 2B of Scuola Secondaria di Primo Grado “Vivaldi” di Alessandria in Italy are ready to work at the project

We are 12 years old and very pleased to communicate with our European friends and write about Christmas.

We know you already know many things about Italian Christmas traditions but we are doing our best to add something new

Last weekend  we began preparing  Christmas decorations in our homes and we are going to show you some pictures.

What about having a survey about the present we’d like to receive ? We ‘are sending ours as soon as possible…

Bye for now.

a big hug from thekids of classes 2A and 2B of Scuola “Viavaldi” and Piera, their teacher


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    Liliana&the kids Says:

    Hello Piera and kids,

    That’s a very good idea. I’ll ask my pupils what they would like to receive from Santa and post the answers here.
    We’re also recording carols and we have a surprise for all of you. So stay tuned!

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