A strange Christmas tree

I’m Emma from class 2A

I want to show you my Christmas tree. It isn’t like the other green pines. It is a dry tree and it comes from Spargi Island in Sardinia. MY mother and I have seen it on the beach after a few days of bad sea. I don’t really know ehere it comes from, maybe from far away.

On 8th December we decorate it with lights and balls. Every year in a different colour. Last year it was blue and silver. This year it issilver and white. I like it very much because there is not another one like it.I love its shape because it reminds me the wind blowing.

The days before Christmas I go with my mum on the hill near Alessandria. We look for some leaves and twigs then, we oranges and candles, we decorate our Christmas table.

Best Wishes to all the Kids

Emma Class 2A SCuola Vivaldi  Alessandria


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