Merry Christmas!

December 25, 2009

All what our children did to wish you: MERRY CHRISTMAS!

Classe 1^B – Scuola Primaria “A. Ciancia” – Francavilla in Sinni (PZ) – Italia


A strange Christmas tree

December 21, 2009

I’m Emma from class 2A

I want to show you my Christmas tree. It isn’t like the other green pines. It is a dry tree and it comes from Spargi Island in Sardinia. MY mother and I have seen it on the beach after a few days of bad sea. I don’t really know ehere it comes from, maybe from far away.

On 8th December we decorate it with lights and balls. Every year in a different colour. Last year it was blue and silver. This year it issilver and white. I like it very much because there is not another one like it.I love its shape because it reminds me the wind blowing.

The days before Christmas I go with my mum on the hill near Alessandria. We look for some leaves and twigs then, we oranges and candles, we decorate our Christmas table.

Best Wishes to all the Kids

Emma Class 2A SCuola Vivaldi  Alessandria

My Christmas Tree

December 21, 2009

Dear Friends

Every year on 8th December my family and I make the Christmas tree.

We put on it some mum’s old decorations and every Christmas my sister and I add two new objects that mum gives us as a present. These ones are not just little balls but also some special fantasy characters such as an acrobatic lion, a fairy grandmother and her elf, four fat and happy mermaids, a frog that plays the flute, a skating cock and so on.

On our Christmas tree there are also a lot of red and white little candles and on Christmas Eve we light them to see their flames trembling in the dark

It’s wonderful!

I want to shw one of its decorations 

Happy Christmas

Laura , Scuola Media “VIvaldi” Alessandria, Italy

Our Village – Winter Photos

December 18, 2009

Photographer: Ana Maria Iacoban (8th form)

A Modern Romanian Carol

December 13, 2009

Our kindergarten pupils want to share this modern Romanian carol with you.
They are wearing Romanian traditional costumes in this video.

Liliana&the kids

Romanian Christmas Carols

December 13, 2009

Here are two old Christmas carols from Romania performed by our 7th form pupils.

Liliana&the kids

St. Nicholas Day Tradition in Poland

December 13, 2009

In Poland on the 6th December we celebrate St. Nicholas Day. St. Nicholas was a bishop mainly known for anonymous gifts giving to the poor. On that day we give presents especially to children.
In our town – Sochaczew in the centre of Poland we also celebrated St. Nicholas Day. In the morning that day the main square in the town was crowded with a group of motorcyclists with their motorbikes. These people are real fans of this means of transport. Some of them have very old bikes even from the 2nd World War. On that day they showed their generosity and love to all the children. Dressed up as Santa Claus they were giving sweet gifts to all passing children in the streets in our town. Thanks to generous sponsors they could visit poor families, a children’s home and sick children in hospital in Sochaczew.

Karol Dukalewski

Agata’s Christmas tradition

December 11, 2009

Hello Friends

I’m Agata from class 2 A at Vivaldi School in Alessandria

I have  a family  Christmas tradition.

Every year my mum prepares the “Bread Child”.

It is a cake in the shape of a child and it represent the Christ Child . In our dialect it is called “Crumbot”

It is very easy to prepare. You just need flour, sugar, eggs, water, butter, raisins and yeast. It is so tasty!

We give it to our relatives as a present because it is a lucky symbol.

My greatgrandmother began this tradition and we are pleased to  go on preparing this simple , nice cake

Merry Christmas to you and all your teachers


A Christmas Tale

December 3, 2009

Hello Friends,

I’m Andrea from class 2A of Scuola “Vivaldi” in Alessandria.

I’m decorating my Christmas tree.It will be ready by 8th December. In the meantime  I want to write a short Christmas tale.

In Bethlem there was a poor street artist who had no gift for the Baby Jesus.

So he went to Jesus and did what he could do better to make him laugh, the juggler.

This is the reason why every year we hang a lot of coloured balls on our Christmas trees- to remember this funny present to Baby Jesus

Christmas 2009

December 1, 2009

Hello friends,

Christmas is coming and the students of classes 2A and 2B of Scuola Secondaria di Primo Grado “Vivaldi” di Alessandria in Italy are ready to work at the project

We are 12 years old and very pleased to communicate with our European friends and write about Christmas.

We know you already know many things about Italian Christmas traditions but we are doing our best to add something new

Last weekend  we began preparing  Christmas decorations in our homes and we are going to show you some pictures.

What about having a survey about the present we’d like to receive ? We ‘are sending ours as soon as possible…

Bye for now.

a big hug from thekids of classes 2A and 2B of Scuola “Viavaldi” and Piera, their teacher